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Elementor Review: How Good is the Page Builder?

Elementorย  is perfect for giving your website a personalized, professional design in a timely manner. Without much knowledge of PHP, CSS or web design, the Page Builder also makes it possible for beginners to design an attractive website. Originally a page builder, it has meanwhile become a helpful all-round design plugin, ranking among the market leaders in the industry. As you will see in our review, it is possible to design with elementor sections of a website or even entire websites without any coding, which is why it is more accurate to call it a theme builder. The theme builder for WordPress is relatively young, but scores high with a lot of know-how, individuality and high user-friendliness. For me, it is a highlight among WordPress extensions.

Elementor Free vs Pro

Even the free version of Elementor can compete with numerous premium page builders. The widgets in the free version can be enhanced with free add-ons. Also the free templates offer a very impressive design. For all newcomers the free version offers an optimal starting point. Without previous knowledge of programming, it is possible for beginners to quickly familiarize themselves with the setting options. The templates greatly accelerate the design process, saving time and resources.

The Pro version offers, in contrast, extensive theme builder functions. In the free version, Elementor gives you the classic Page Builder functionality. For example, it is only possible to design elements of posts or individual pages in the content area. Elementor allows you to creatively customize repeating elements such as sidebars, headers, or footers (which saves a lot of work when you need to adjust the same element over dozens of pages of changes). Also archive or index pages of a design can be automatically transferred with Elementor Pro as of writing this review.

If you want a little bit more: Elementor Pro

Elementor Pro Widgets

Although the free version offers great features, itโ€™s worth taking a look at the Pro version. Elementor Pro and the free version were released in April 2018 as version 2. In particular, the Theme Builder features and the integration of dynamic content make it a very interesting tool. Without having to write a single line of source code, more than 30 premium widgets, more than 75 premium website templates, global settings and much more can streamline your workflow.

The Pro version cannot simply be installed via update, but is available as a standalone plugin. Of course, the free version already offers numerous possibilities. If you want to design a page that does not require any knowledge of programming or source code writing, then the free version is recommended. Its functions provide a good basis. The paid version contains, besides the basic functions, extra templates and modules. In addition there are the Theme Builder features. So, in the Pro version, it is easy to create forms professionally and quickly. If the license used covers the number of domains used, Elementor Pro can be used without hesitation.

Review Tip: Elementor always has offers available to save you money.

Widgets / Elements

In this part of our review we are talking about the different widgets and elements. It also comes with a complete widget package (these are the page builders widgets, not just classic widgets in sidebars). It also offers more complex widgets such as Google Maps or a picture carousel. The widgets are customizable. Many useful widgets have been tailor-made for use in live page builders. From controlling the distances to changing the button colors when hovering, it offers almost limitless possibilities. Of course, you can also add your favorite third-party widgets by dragging them onto the page. Also in this area there is no need for programming.

This shows that Elementor was made with the designer in mind. It is possible to create high-quality designs without having any programming knowledge yourself. Create web pages in just a few hours instead of days. You can achieve any design you want with Elementor because everything can be defined, down to the last pixel. Users can choose from over 400 pictograms that can be adapted to their own design. With over 800 Google fonts, giving you plenty of room to experiment. If you do not want to be restricted by a theme as a developer, you will find Flexibility and Extensibility in combination with a starter theme on Elementor. Elementorโ€™s code is of a very high quality.

Of course, the websites are SEO-optimized by Elementor, because the Builder is based on modern programming standards.

Translation plugins like Polylang or WPML are supported by Elementor as well as all right-to-left pages or languages.

Overall we can strongly recommend Elementor to build beautiful websites with WordPress.